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Beijing Golden Certification Consulting Co., Ltd.

Beijing Golden Certification Consulting Co., Ltd. is subordinate to China Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Association, is a certification consulting organization (CCC Certification Agency registration No.: CJ0604136 ) registered and approved by Certification and Accreditation. Administration of PRC, and mainly deals in China Compulsory Certification agency (3C certification for short), ISO9000, ISO14000 and OSHMS18000 China Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification agency, handles import and export food labeling verification, import and export cosmetics labeling verification, and on behalf of clients, cosmetics approval document application and examination by Ministry of Public Health and such professional works. The company has an efficient and mature professional team, with attentive and considerate service and sufficient human resource, we offer accurate and speedy quality service for your company and product passing related certification and permission.

Principal Services

China Compulsory Certification

According to national Provisions of China Compulsory Certification (the fifth order of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection a nd Quarantine of the People's Repu blic of China ), Notice for Related Matters on Carrying Out Compulsory Product Certification System of Certification and Accreditation Administration of People's Republic of China, our country has formally carried out China Compulsory Certification System from August 1 st , 2002. Related product made by enterprises of home and abroad can market in China only when it passes 3C certification. Beijing Golden Certification Consulting Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest companies which engage in this certification agency service, has high-tech management measure, and offer you related information communication, welcome your telephone consultation.

Available agency business

•  Act as an agent for application of certificate of China Compulsory Certification, purchasing China Compulsory Certification Mark, Application and approval of impressing mark;

•  Act as an agent for handling certificate for exempt compulsory product certification , confirmation out of compulsory product catalog;

•  Act as an agent for Chinese labeling verification of import and export food, cosmetics and tonic etc.

•  Act as an agent for application, handling and registration of approval Health Permit for import product (cosmetics and tonic), homemade special cosmetics;

•  Act as an agent for handling temporary permit for import measuring instruments;

•  Registration declaration of import forage and forage additive; declaration of import disinfector and sterilization device;

•  Act as an agent for import registration of SDA oversea medical apparatus and instruments; medicine GMP certification;

•  Act as an agent for anti-counterfeit technique promotion and anti-counterfeit mark making approved by National Administration of Quality Supervision;

•  Act as an agent for used electromechanical products import examination and approval by National Administration of Quality Supervision (please handle three months in advance);

•  Act as an agent for inspection declaration, taking and sending documents, collection and paying inspection expense and such full course service;

•  Act as an agent for handling China telecom device access permit; China wireless device model verification;

•  International business information consulting on ISO9000 、 ISO14000 、 OSHMS18000 systems certification;

•  Act as an agent for handling CCC , CCCAP (mobile products), export quality permit;

•  North American market: UL, CUL, CSA, ETL; Europe: CE, GS, VDE, TUV, SGS, KEMA, NF, BS, EMC, FIMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO, SEMKO Certification (S, D, FI, N), IMQ etc.; Asia: Japan, Korean, PSB;

Facing the challenge of WTO and the need of China new economic development, for your company to reasonably avoid technique barrier and has the strength of fair competition with international and domestic enterprises, Beijing Golden Certification Consulting Co., Ltd. uses its rich resource to offer compressive quality service, hope to become a cooperator on the future development way of your enterprise.



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